Online Casino Slots Jackpots


When online casinos first started no one imagined they would take off like they did. Over time they advanced to mimic casinos that users would normally patron, with that they had to offer similar features you would find at your local casino establishments. So that is when they decided to introduce the progressive slots games. People dream about winning a massive jackpot and progressives are the main way that will happen. Just seeing the possibility of being able to win millions gets players all excited and ready to try their luck.

How these massive progressive slot machines work is they are linked together into one big giant pool, so you may have fifty online casinos having the same machine and a percentage of all play is pooled together in a big jackpot. Of course it is impossible to say which online casino will hit that certain jackpot but it will happen to one of them. Just as it did recently for the larger ever won jackpot online which exceeded thirteen million pounds. The online casinos do have more than one jackpot slots games they actually have quite a few. Some will payout almost daily, others might not hit for months. It all depends on how much those games are played. Jackpots range from a few thousand starting out to a couple million. There is many jackpots that are won over twenty thousand dollars each month.


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One of the nice features in some of these progressives is they have multiple jackpots, where players win the small jackpots all day long, the next level jackpots get hit daily and then you major jackpots hit normally weekly which usually reaches over 20k and then the mega jackpot hits on 2 million and up. This particular jackpot game has different versions, so players that like 3 reel games can play it, those that prefer more interaction can play it on The Dark Knight which has many random bonuses. Its a progressive that appeal to all players. There is of course many other jackpot games which pay out between 10k and over a million. They are all powered by Microgaming and run throughout all their casinos which use the same software. So the slots jackpots grow at a decent rate. Of course the ultimate win is hitting a large jackpot which can be life changing, especially when you hit those that payout millions. Some of the online casinos will allow play on the progressive games with the no deposit bonuses. Copyright © - 2005. All rights reserved.